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variable Variable
property Property
property_yellow Parameter
xml_element Element
folder Directory
rootSource Source root
rootTest Test root
rootExcluded Excluded root
rootResource Resource root
Visibility modifiers
private.png private
protected.png protected
public.png public

Icons in the tree view

Icon Description
classTypeJavaClass.png Class
classTypeFinal.png Final class
classTypeInterface Interface
phpTrait PHP trait
method.png Method/function
icon_interface_method.png Method/function in an interface
function_lambda Function in Dart
variable.png Variable
php_storm_structure_show_constants.png Constant
field.png Field
property Property
property_yellow.png Parameter
xml_element.png Element
Visibility modifiers
private.png Private
protected.png Protected
public.png Public

Data sources

Icon Description
DataSource DB data source. Also, DBMS-specific icons are used:


DBDerby Derby





DBOracle Oracle

DBPostgresql PostgreSQL

DBSQLServer SQL Server


DBSybase Sybase

DBReadonly DB data source with the read-only status, e.g. DBReadonlyDB2 for DB2.
icon_SqlDataSource DDL data source
dataSchema.png Schema
DataTables Table
dataColumn Column
dataColumnNotNull A NOT NULL column
dataPkColumn.png Column with a primary key
dataFkColumn.png Column with a foreign key
dataIndexedColumn.png Column with an index
dataPrimaryKey Primary key
dataForeignKey Foreign key
dataIndex Index
dataView View
dataFunction Stored procedure or function

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