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This section describes default mappings for the function (F) keys.

Shortcut Function Use this shortcut to...
ContextHelpF1F1F1F1F1F1F1ContextHelpContextHelpContextHelp Help Invoke reference page.
GotoNextErrorF2F2F2F2 or Ctrl+X, Back QuoteF2F2 or Ctrl+PeriodGotoNextErrorF2F2Command Period Activate in-place editing In a GUI Designer form, enable in-place editing of the name of a selected UI component.
FindNextF3 or Ctrl+LF3 or Ctrl+LF3 or Ctrl+LF3 or Alt+SF3F3 or Ctrl+LCtrl+KCommand GCommand GCommand K
FindPreviousShift+F3 or Ctrl+Shift+LShift+F3 or Ctrl+Shift+LShift+F3 or Ctrl+Shift+LShift+F3, Alt+R or Ctrl+RShift+F3Shift+F3 or Ctrl+Shift+LCtrl+Shift+KShift Command GShift Command GShift Command K
Search for next/previous occurrence Navigate to the next/previous occurrence of a selected word in the editor.
EditSourceF4F4F4F4F4F4F12 or Ctrl+Shift+ECommand Down or F4Command Down or F4F3 Edit Source Depending on the context:
  • In Tool Windows: Open an Editor tab or tabs for the selected item or items (including GUI forms), and give focus to the last opened file.
CopyElementF5F5F5F5CopyElementCopyElementCopyElementF5F5F5 Copy Create a copy of a selected class/file/directory in the same or a different package.
MoveF6F6F6F6F6Ctrl+MShift+Alt+VF6F6Alt Command V Move Move a selected class/package/static member to another package/class and correct all references.
StepIntoF7F7F7F7F11 or F8F7F5F7F7F5 Step Into Step to the next executed line (during debugging).
StepOverF8F8F8F8F10 or Shift+F8F8F6F8F8F6 Step Over Step to the next line in the current file (during debugging).
ResumeF9F9F9F9F5F5F8 or F9Alt Command RAlt Command RF8 Resume Program Resume program execution (during debugging).
ToggleBookmarkF11F11F11F11Ctrl+F2ToggleBookmarkCtrl+Shift+F11F3F3F3 Toggle Bookmark Turn anonymous bookmark on or off.
JumpToLastWindowF12F12F12F12JumpToLastWindowF12JumpToLastWindowF12F12F12 Jump to Last Window Activate a last focused tool window.

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