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PhpStorm helps you view the complete hierarchy of the selected type.

So doing, you can modify the contents of the UML Class diagram, to show ancestor or descendant classes, types used in method signatures, and perform all actions that are available for UML Class diagrams.

To view class hierarchy as a UML class diagram
  1. Open the desired class in the editor, and place the caret at the type you want to see hierarchy for.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • On the context menu, point to Diagrams, and then choose Show Diagram, or Show Diagram Popup
    • Press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+UCtrl+Shift+Alt+UCtrl+Shift+Alt+UCtrl+Shift+Alt+UCtrl+Shift+Alt+UCtrl+Shift+Alt+UCtrl+Shift+Alt+UCtrl+Shift+Alt+UShift Alt Command UShift Alt Command UShift Alt Command U or Ctrl+Alt+UCtrl+Alt+UCtrl+Alt+UCtrl+Alt+UCtrl+Alt+UCtrl+Alt+UCtrl+Alt+UCtrl+Alt+UAlt Command UAlt Command UAlt Command U


You can view type hierarchy for any class selected in the Project tool window:

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