What’s New in PhpStorm 9

Make faster progress with PhpStorm 9's refined editing and debugging experience, deeper code understanding, advanced productivity boosts, and complete support for remote development.

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PHP Language & Editing Experience

Introduce parameter refactoring in PhpStorm

Advanced code understanding

All PHP-related subsystems have got their updates with this version, the most noteworthy features and improvements include:

  • Introduce parameter refactoring
  • Advanced PHP type inference
  • Support for persistent language injections
  • Numerous new inspections and intentions

Postfix code completion for PHP in PhpStorm

Postfix code completion

Postfix code completion for PHP helps reduce backward caret jumps as you write code. It lets you transform an already typed expression to another one based on the postfix added, the type of expression, and its context.

Apply the expression by simply pressing Tab. Take advantage of this new kind of code completion to help raise your productivity even more.

Read more about postfix code completion for PHP »

PHP 7 support in PhpStorm

Partial PHP 7 support

With PHP nearing version 7, we've introduced partial support for PHP 7 return type hints.

This initial support makes it possible to use PHP 7 in new projects, as it eliminates warnings and red code in PhpStorm when return type hints are used. More PHP 7 specific features to follow soon.

Other PHP-related enhancements

  • Improved structure view for PHP
  • Ability to use PHP surrounds for HTML in PHP files
  • Color settings for brackets, parentheses, and braces
  • Separate PHP constructor editable template
  • Support for fluent setters creation
  • Formatting, constructor and PHPDoc improvements

New Debugging Experience

Inline debugger for PHP in PhpStorm

Inline debugger for PHP

With an inline debugger, all live debugging data are shown directly in the editor, with variable values integrated smoothly into the current editor’s look-and-feel.

This powerful feature lets you view variable values in the source code, right next to their usages. You don't even have to hover the mouse over the variable, much less switch to the Variables pane of the Debug tool window.

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Debugging workflow improvements in PhpStorm

Debugging workflow

With this release, your debugging experience becomes even more straightforward and painless. While PhpStorm's debugger is easy to use, configuring your PHP environment may have been a hassle before. The newly features should definitely help:
  • php.ini can be opened from settings
  • Enhanced debugger config validation
  • Import from Deployment action
  • PHP servers config shared on project level
Read more about debugging improvements »

Remote Development

Remote edit in PhpStorm

Remote edit

One of the most demanded features in PhpStorm history is here! Individual files can now be opened directly from the remote host (such as FTP, SFTP or FTPS) and edited in the IDE, without adding/downloading them to the local project.

To start editing a file from a remote host instantly, double click the file name or select Edit Remote File from the file context menu.

Read more about Remote edit »

PHP code sniffer via remote PHP interpreters in PhpStorm

Remote tools via remote PHP interpreters

Remote PHP interpreters (introduced in PhpStorm 8) let you run your application and tools on a production-like environment. You can easily use Vagrant-run virtualized environment with all the tools in place. In PhpStorm 9, so-called remote development (when your development environment is not local) becomes a reality, with support for PHP Code Sniffer and Mess Detector via remote PHP interpreters. Read more »

Frameworks, Tools, and more

  • Support for the latest Behat
  • Enhanced Twig templating engine
  • Additional options for PHP Code Sniffer
  • Improved support for Blade templating engine
  • Support for Xdebug 2.3+ profiler
  • Solarized editor scheme is bundled

In addition to our own efforts to support the latest technologies and tools, the ecosystem of third-party plugins for PhpStorm is evolving at a steady pace. Make sure to check out our repository for new plugins available for various frameworks and tools.

Top-notch Web Technologies

JavaScript support in PhpStorm

Improved JavaScript support

Our colleagues on the WebStorm team have completely reworked the core of JavaScript support, i.e. the way JavaScript files are indexed. These changes are not visible at first sight, but affect the response times of features like code completion, structure view, file highlighting, resolve and analysis.

Borrowing these enhancements from WebStorm, PhpStorm 9 works much more smoothly with projects containing JavaScript codebase. Enjoy faster code highlighting and code completion suggestions, as well as enhanced ECMAScript 6 support.

Application dependency diagram in PhpStorm

Application dependency diagrams

With this feature, the application structure can be visualized and explored with spy-js. The diagram shows how project files are connected with function calls based on the runtime data.

Application dependency diagrams work both for client-side and Node.js applications.

Check out a short video on how to use application dependency diagrams in PhpStorm.

spy-js source maps in PhpStorm

Tracing languages transpiled to JavaScript

spy-js adds support for source maps to trace TypeScript, CoffeeScript or ECMAScript 6 code transpiled to JavaScript.

See the highlighted execution path and inspect object values right in the original file.

V8 CPU profiling in PhpStorm

V8 profiling for Node.js apps

The new V8 profiling feature allows capturing and analyzing JavaScript engine CPU profiles and heap snapshots for Node.js applications.

Use PhpStorm's feature-rich UI to gain insight into the inner workings of applications for better performance and memory consumption optimizations.

Simultaneous HTML tag editing in PhpStorm

Simultaneous tag editing

With this new editor feature, simply edit an opening HTML or XML tag, while PhpStorm takes care of the closing one.

Gain a real productivity boost with this neat feature and say no to broken code!

As usual, all features and improvements of WebStorm are available in PhpStorm either out-of-the-box or with free plugins available in the repository. Other noteworthy web-related features include improved Grunt integration, TypeScript 1.4 & 1.5 support, TypeScript built-in compiler, live Dart analysis view, and more.

IDE improvements

Distraction free mode in PhpStorm

Distraction free mode

Need to fully focus on the code? Switch to the brand new distraction free mode — a minimalistic UI with no toolbars, no tool windows, and no editor tabs. Just you and your code right in the center of the screen.

Click View | Enter Distraction Free Mode to switch.

Oneside mode in diff viewer in PhpStorm

Diff viewer

To make the Diff viewer more compact, we've added a new option called Oneside viewer, which shows the difference between revisions on one page.

When switching between files, the Diff viewer remembers the caret position.

Other useful additions include the new Accept all changes action and a shortcut (F7) to navigate to the next change.

Version control enhancements in PhpStorm

Version control

Working with version control systems gets better thanks to the following:

  • Faster loading of the log viewer, and a new Reset Current Branch to Here action
  • Filter by repositories in log viewer
  • Highlighting for commits by the current user
  • Remotes can be defined right in the Push dialog
  • Mercurial: Graft action in the log viewer, ability to close branches in the Branches popup

Database tools in PhpStorm

Database tools

The set of tools for Databases and SQL has been improved:

  • Multiple Consoles per data source, now with a schema switcher, local history, and easier access
  • Image detection in the Table Editor and Results View
  • The Navigate to Table/Procedure action
  • Improved Documentation view
  • Integrated Windows Authentication support for SQL Server


  • HiDPI support for Windows and Linux
  • The Welcome screen and New Project wizard are now clearer and more friendly
  • Scratch files can now be accessed and managed via the new Scratches tab
  • Add multiple selections with the mouse
  • Updated look-and-feel of Editor tabs
  • Per-project file templates
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PhpStorm 8.0
  • PHP 5.6 support
  • Language injections into PHP literals
  • Blade templates, WordPress support
  • BDD with Behat
  • Remote PHP interpreters
  • Multiple carets and selections
  • AngularJS, Grunt, Bower, Gulp.js
PhpStorm 7.0 & 7.1
  • PHP 5.5 support
  • Vagrant
  • Improved PHP syntax coloring
  • SSH console & remote tools, terminal
  • Support for Drupal & PHP frameworks
  • Google App Engine for PHP
  • Debugger configuration validation
PhpStorm 6.0
  • Composer support
  • Code (re)arranger
  • New refactorings, smarter namespaces handling
  • New Database Schema Editor
  • Built-in REST client, Emmet for HTML/CSS
  • File watchers, debugging with source maps
  • Fresh IDE look and feel & Darcula