What’s new in PhpStorm 7? and 7.1

PhpStorm 7 keeps up with latest PHP & web languages trends, integrates a variety of modern tools, and brings even more extensibility with support for major PHP frameworks.

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PHP Language Support

Be on trend with the latest PHP changes

PHP 5.5 is now fully supported, including generators, coroutines, the finally keyword, list in foreach, using empty() on the result of function calls and other expressions, class name resolution as scalar via the class keyword, and constant array/string dereferencing.
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Efficient code reading

PhpStorm 7 features brand-new readability experience with improved PHP syntax coloring for various constructs. There are separate colors for: Function and method declarations; Function calls, static and instance method calls; Classes and interfaces, static and instance class fields. Improved coloring — looks most impressive in Darcula, a dark UI which we’ve also enhanced.
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Compare PhpStorm6 vs PhpStorm7

Keep your code neat

There are also new refactorings to keep your code as neat as possible: Move Static Member and Extract Interface. New php-related inspections and quick-fixes are also introduced, as well as a lot of type inference and PHPDoc improvements.

Built-in Tools

Get an environment running in no time and share it with your team


Vagrant is a handy tool natively integrated in PhpStorm designed to help you create reproducible development environments. It allows you to share a development virtual machine by sharing a simple script. Other developers can then launch an identical machine by running the vagrant up command.
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Smart & easy remote configuration

The Built-in SSH Console let you connect to a remote machine and perform any actions via SSH. Also, SSH Remote Tools can be configured to run any remote tool right from the IDE in a single keystroke.
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Local Terminal
SSH Remote External Tool

To streamline your command-line experience, PhpStorm also integrates full local terminal emulation environment — run any local application or script in the IDE terminal window.

Framework-specific command-line tools at your fingertips

Native support with command completion for command-line tools is enhanced even more: this version includes support for Zend Framework 2 Tool (ZFTool), Tools based on Symfony Console (such as Laravel and Doctrine), and Drush (Drupal Tool).

Command-line Tools

Google App Engine for PHP Support

App Engine

Develop applications for Google App Engine for PHP and delegate routine deployment tasks to the IDE. Create your app, run it and deploy it to the GAE server without leaving PhpStorm.
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Other built-in tools included in PhpStorm have also been updated: Built-in REST Client is now improved with added support for request history, import/export of XML files with REST Client Requests, and compressed responses; Composer Add Dependency dialog now shows what packages are already installed; and more.

Debugging and Testing

Debugger configuration validation

There is nothing more frustrating than not getting PHP Debugging in PhpStorm to work because of some tiny configuration error in php.ini. Now, starting with version 7, the IDE can help you quickly find the reason and save time.

When configuring the PHP interpreter for project, PhpStorm will inform you if a debugger is installed and will yield Xdebug or Zend Debugger version. From PHP Servers Settings window, we can validate our debugger setup: we can test the remote deployment environment on which we want to use the debugger and validate the debugger configuration. PhpStorm will tell us if anything is missing, and how to fix that.

Debugging with Smart Step Into

This debugging feature allows you to choose the function to step into while debugging. This functionality also works with dynamic function calls.
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PHPUnit on Server Improvements

In PhpStorm 7, PHPUnit on server has been significantly reworked: now it can be configured using an XML configuration file. PHPUnit 3.7 is now also supported.
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Frameworks and Plugins

Drupal Development with PhpStorm

PhpStorm now bundles Drupal Plugin providing many Drupal-specific features for Drupal 7 and 6, some of which work for Drupal 8 as well:


  • Enabling Drupal integration in an existing PhpStorm project, or creating a new Drupal module
  • Development environment auto-configuration (coding standard, file associations, etc.)
  • Drupal hooks support (Completion for hook declaration, Navigation to hook invocations, Navigation to documentation from hook implementation and backwards, Quick docs for hook declaration)
  • Drupal command line tool Drush integration
  • Search in Drupal API right from the editor

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Drupal Development using PhpStorm

Framework-specific plugins

Since version 6, PHP Open API has been extended to bring powerful Extension Point which allows third-party plugin creators to provide type inference, code completion, navigation and other IDE best-practices for various PHP frameworks.

Symfony2 Plugin


Symfony2 3rd party plugin provides various Symfony Framework related features (such as type inference, code completion, navigation, action) for Symfony Core, Symfony Components, Twig templates, Doctrine, and more.
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There are also plugins for

  • Magento
  • CakePHP
  • Yii
  • and other PHP frameworks

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Brand New Web Toolkit

JavaScript Templates Support

PhpStorm supports EJS template engine (syntax highlighting, typing assistance, formatting, etc), and provides formatting and syntax highlighting for Handlebars and Mustache templates, as well as automatic tag closing.

Web Components

Initial support for the cutting-edge technology Web Components is introduced. Custom DOM elements can be created, and PhpStorm will provide completion and CSS support for them.

Modern Stylesheets, JavaScript & npm


PhpStorm 7 comes with initial support for Stylus stylesheet language. Code completion, formatting, syntax highlighting, automatic compilation to CSS with file watchers are already available.

To enhance your experience with Sass, there is now support for Compass with code completion, functions resolution and finding usages, mixins and variables from imported Compass files.

For simple and efficient testing of your JavaScript code, PhpStorm 7 includes integration with the Karma test runner and the istanbul code coverage engine. Now you can run, debug, and view your tests right in the IDE.

We’ve also added Mocha test framework integration.

If you are doing Node.js, PhpStorm features an integrated node package manager npm to quick search for and install node programs.

Live Edit and JavaScript Debugging

Live Edit has been completely redesigned to make it more coherent and predictable. Now it is available in JavaScript debug session only: page content will be automatically updated with your changes.

Improved JavaScript debugger now has a Variables view (only for Google Chrome and Node.js) and an Elements tab for inspecting elements of the current web-page and showing its contents live.

Live Edit

PhpStorm 7 provides support for latest TypeScript 0.9, support for other languages, such as CoffeeScript and Dart has been improved, and there is a new structure view for LESS and Sass.

IDE Improvements

PhpStorm 7 strengthens its integration with GitHub by allowing GitHub users to make pull requests right from the IDE.

Database tools and SQL editor have been significantly improved to provide you with a unique experience. Changes include new smart code completion for join conditions in SQL statements & more.
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With the new Presentation mode, the IDE gives you an opportunity to start a demonstration of your code and coding process with just one click, which is very useful for conferences, trainings and classroom use.

Full screen mode (which has been natively supported in Mac OS X) is now available for all platforms. Windows and Linux users can take advantage of this distract-less mode to dig even deeper into their code.

Latest PhpStorm 7.1 update comes with all the cutting-edge IntelliJ IDEA 13 features, improvements and bug fixes, such as:

  • New minimalistic and functional interface
  • Lens mode
  • Search everywhere
  • Speed search
  • Navigate to folder
  • Improved Find in Path
  • The new commit dialog with compact UI
  • New fast and powerful log viewer for Git and Mercurial
  • Support for Subversion 1.8
  • Retina support in JDK 7
  • Better performance with faster Find Usages and Navigate to Actions, and more responsive editor during indexing
  • and much more...

PhpStorm includes all the functionality of WebStorm (HTML/CSS Editor, JavaScript Editor), either out-of-the-box or with free plugins available in the repository.

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Versions History

PhpStorm 6.0
  • Composer support, smarter namespaces handling
  • Code (re)arranger
  • New refactorings
  • New Database Schema Editor
  • Built-in REST client, Emmet for HTML/CSS
  • File watchers, debugging with source maps
  • Fresh IDE look and feel & Darcula
PhpStorm 5.0
  • Advanced type inference engine
  • PHP code quality improvements & code styles
  • MVC view for Symfony2 & Yii frameworks
  • PHAR-packaged code recognition
  • SQL and Databases support improvements
  • Live HTML/CSS/JS Editing Preview
  • Improved HTML, JS, CSS, LESS, Sass/SCSS support
PhpStorm 4.0
  • PHP 5.4 language features support
  • ECMAScript Harmony support
  • Code coverage for PHPUnit
  • Code checking with PHP Code Sniffer
  • Drupal coding style support
  • New PHP code inspections
  • Smarter JavaScript completion

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