dotTrace Subsystems Deep Dive

In this screencast we will have a look at the subsystems feature in dotTrace Performance. The first time you profile an application and capture a snapshot, the amount of information displayed can be overwhelming. Where to start? Should I inspect all threads? All calls? Do we need all these details to get a sense of where to look for issues? Well, you will need these details over time but a good place to start is by examining subsystems. And that's what we will be doing in this screencast! For more informations and examples, check our website and tutorial.

Smooth navigation within a dotTrace snapshot

In this screencast, we'll explore navigating through a snapshot.

Remote Profiling using dotTrace

In this short demo our technical evagelist Maarten Balliauw introduces remote profiling using dotTrace and how to attach the dotTrace profiler to a remote server.

Working with Profiling Results in dotTrace Performance

In this screencast, Hadi Hariri shows how to read performance snapshot that represent results of your profiling session. He explains different snapshot views, how you can navigate between relevant function calls represented in a snapshot, and what you can do to find lagging functions as fast as possible. Hadi also covers techniques such as opening call stacks in separate tabs and comparing different performance snapshots of an application.

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