Locate Performance Bottlenecks in .NET Applications with dotTrace Performance

This video gives an overview of how you can discover performance bottlenecks with dotTrace 4 Performance, and illustrates this with profiling an ASP.NET MVC application that appears to struggle from a bad...

dotMemory 4: What's Inside

Even if your program is just a few lines of code, .NET's runtime will create a number of objects in memory. Are all objects being destroyed by the garbage collector?...

Getting Started with dotTrace 4 Performance

Hadi Hariri gives an overview of JetBrains dotTrace 4 Performance profiler features, including support for various .NET Framework-based applications, profiling modes, and different presentations that ...

Working with the Call Tree in dotTrace 4 Performance

Hadi Hariri shows how you can use the Call Tree view in dotTrace 4 Performance to track how calls are made from one method to another, filter out...

Comparing Snapshots with dotTrace 4 Performance

Had Hariri demonstrates how you can easily compare performance snapshots with dotTrace 4 Performance to make sure that your profiling efforts were successful.

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