dotTrace 4.5 Performance vs. dotTrace 3.1

This document helps you quickly compare features introduced in dotTrace 4.x Performance with performance profiling features available in the earlier dotTrace 3.1. It does not cover memory profiling features available in dotTrace 3.1 or dotTrace 3.5 Memory.

Legend:   — Supported   — Not supported
Feature dotTrace 3.1 dotTrace 4.5 Performance Standard dotTrace 4.5 Performance Pro
Profilng Modes
Profiling remote applications no no yes
Line-by-line profiling no yes yes
High accuracy profiling An option to account for the time spent inside the profiler no yes yes
Profilng Targets
.NET Framework up to 4.0 no yes yes
.NET Compact Framework 3.5 no no yes
Silverlight 4 Silverlight versions earlier than 4 are not supported due to their technical restrictions no no yes
Any .NET process An option to launch a single profiling controller that will manage profiling of any .NET applications launched afterwards yes no yes
Profiling Data Analysis
Server-scale snapshot support no yes yes
Instant estimation no yes yes
Function annotations no yes yes
Statistics view no yes yes
Integration with Visual Studio 2010 no yes yes
Integration with ReSharper 5+ Test Runner Enables profiling of unit tests from within Visual Studio.
Integration with ReSharper 6 Test Runner is available in dotTrace 4.5.1 Performance or later
yes1 yes yes

1) Available via a separate Power Toy

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