What's New in dotTrace 4.0 Performance

New performance profiling features and enhancements include support for CLR 4, Windows Mobile, and Silverlight 4; as well as two new profiling modes: line-by-line and remote profiling.

New Profiling Modes

Line-by-line profiling adds to two existing profiling modes in dotTrace Performance: tracing profiling and wall-time profiling.

In this mode dotTrace collects timing information for every statement in methods with available source code. This lets you collect the most detailed info about methods that perform significant algorithmic work. You can specify exactly which methods you want to be profiled or profile all methods for which dotTrace is able to locate symbol information.

Remote profiling: dotTrace 4 Performance Professional Edition can connect to a remote machine to profile a standalone or web application, or a Windows service. You don't have to install dotTrace on the remote machine — the setup is performed by an automatic utility.

Support for New Technologies

Visual Studio 2010 and CLR 4

dotTrace 4 Performance profiles CLR 4 applications and integrates with Visual Studio 2010. Of course, integration with Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 is there as well.

Silverlight Profiling

dotTrace 4 Performance profiles the performance of Silverlight 4 applications. Note that dotTrace 4 Performance does not profile applications that use earlier Silverlight versions.

Windows Mobile

dotTrace 4 Performance lets you profile Windows Mobile applications built with .NET Compact Framework 3.5. All features except line-by-line profiling are supported.

Two Editions

dotTrace 4 Performance introduces a new editioning scheme. Specifically, it comes in two editions: Standard and Professional.

Simply put, Standard Edition provides all the functionality that is available in Professional Edition, excluding support for .NET Compact Framework 3.5, Silverlight 4, and remote profiling.

Instant Estimation

Sometimes during profiling sessions you notice that your application is running slow or hanging, only to realize that you have failed to turn off a debug switch. After that, you have to reprofile everything.

Other times, after hours of continuous profiling, you optimize a time-consuming method, and again, you have to start from scratch to see if the optimization actually works.

For scenarios like these, we've designed dotTrace 4 Performance to be able to recalculate a snapshot instantly — without reprofiling your application. It's like asking the profiler: "what if I optimize this function by 40%?". Just call Edit | Adjust Time and specify the new time for the function or for all functions in a particular class. Time values for the entire snapshots will be recalculated.


Server-scale snapshot support: dotTrace 4 Performance is able to profile huge applications and get snapshots of up to several hundred gigabytes in size while still working at acceptable speed. This enables use of dotTrace for profiling complex desktop and server applications.

Speed and accuracy: The new dotTrace is faster and more accurate than ever. Both modes: tracing and sampling have become faster. We have also added 'high accuracy' flag to account for the time spent inside the profiler. When every millisecond counts, dotTrace pays attention.

Annotating Snapshots

Textual annotations can now be created for individual functions. These annotations are saved with the snapshot and can be reviewed and edited later.