Our vision

Computer programming studies are one of today’s major global trends, driven by open-access, non-credit education. Python is currently the most popular language used to teach programming for beginners. To promote effective, easily accessible programming education, we are committed to providing quality, professional, seamless solutions for learning programming with Python, keeping the needs of both novice programmers and educators in mind.

How does it work

Novice Programmer
Course author

Download, install and start PyCharm Educational Edition on your computer

No installation of additional software required. PyCharm Edu has everything you need to learn and develop with Python built in

Create your own interactive course with custom tasks, checks, tests, hints and lots more, by using the integrated Course Creation wizard

Take a public interactive programming course from the JetBrains PyCharm public repository


Use a custom private interactive course prepared by your teacher

Share your course publicly in the official JetBrains PyCharm repository


Share the course privately with your class

Enjoy the easy interactive way of learning programming in Python.

Get instant feedback and quick results using an intelligent development tool. Keep at it until you become a professional developer!

Let students independently complete their assignments with the assistance of PyCharm and your integrated tests.

Boost the efficiency of your classes with the confidence that students are doing everything right!

PyCharm Edu is a full-fledged Python IDE with a lot of professional tools integrated: an integrated Python console, debugger, code completion, code inspections, code refactorings, Version Control integration, and many other professional features. After becoming proficient in Python, you can continue using PyCharm for advanced Python development.

Our Approach

Completely free

PyCharm Edu is totally free and open source. This includes unlimited learning, course creation and distribution, and even developing Python applications.

Community & support

There is a big community of users around PyCharm, meaning you can always ask someone for help — and get it. Hundreds of technology & educational institutions all around the globe use PyCharm in their programming courses. Most of the Top 25 world universities use PyCharm to teach programming. We constantly collect feedback from students and educators to make PyCharm the best tool for learning programming with Python.

Whole family of tools

PyCharm is backed by JetBrains, a market leader in products for software developers. We offer a complete range of IDEs and productivity tools for many different languages and technologies. Once you learn programming with PyCharm Edu, you can later switch easily and seamlessly to our other professional JetBrains tools such as PyCharm Professional Edition, IntelliJ IDEA, WebStorm, PhpStorm, RubyMine, and others.

Get PyCharm Edu

Advanced learning with instant feedback

PyCharm Edu provides instant feedback so you can see problems and errors earlier and thus save learning time and effort. It provides a range of unique and effective educational features like "fill in the missing code" exercises, smart on-the-fly hints and suggestions for students, automatic task checking, custom tests for your tasks, and much more.

Real-world experience from day one

PyCharm Edu is a special edition of PyCharm IDE, an intelligent tool for professional Python development used by thousands of professionals around the world. It is built on the notion that students who use professional tools from the very beginning become professional developers faster than those who start out with non-professional, 'learning-only' tools.

PyCharm Edu works best for novice programmers learning Python. We also support students and academia with free Classroom and Student Licenses for our other products.
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If your question is missing, please contact our support team or visit our forum for help.

What is PyCharm Edu?

PyCharm Edu is a special free edition of PyCharm IDE, bundling a range of tools for professional development along with additional educational functionality. Learners receive immediate feedback as they are guided through self-paced lessons. Educators can create their own courses with PyCharm Edu.

Is PyCharm Edu right for me?

It probably is if you are just learning Python, or teaching someone Python. As a student, you can take the default introductory Python courses or any other public course from PyCharm repository, and/or take custom courses prepared by your instructor. As an instructor, you can create your own courses using PyCharm Edu and share them publicly or privately with your students.

How can I start the default introductory Python course?

Just install PyCharm Edu and select "Introduction to Python" on the Welcome screen. This will start the interactive course.

How can I take more courses using PyCharm Edu?

PyCharm Edu can sync with the PyCharm course repository and show you the full list of publicly available courses. Just create a new Educational project from File | New Project and choose from the list of available courses.

Do I have to always be online to use PyCharm?

The software is installed locally, meaning that you don’t have to worry about network connectivity or server loads. You can study online or offline, anywhere and anytime. Everything can be synchronized with a remote server when needed. To get more courses, you can download them from the web or ask your professor for an offline copy.

Can I use PyCharm Edu to write professional Python projects?

Yes, you can. PyCharm Edu is based on PyCharm Community Edition and comprises all its features, making it just perfectly suitable for writing professional projects with Python.

How does PyCharm Edu differ from PyCharm Professional Edition or PyCharm Community Edition?

PyCharm Edu is based on the Community Edition and comprises all of its functionality. Additionally, it installs and detects Python during installation. It has a simpler UI (adjustable in settings) and adds a new "Educational" project type.

PyCharm Professional Edition additionally supports different web development technologies, has remote development capabilities and additional languages, and supports working with databases.

What languages or technologies can I learn with PyCharm Edu?

PyCharm Edu works best for novice programmers learning programming with Python as it supports only Python. If you want to learn other languages or technologies, we offer a whole family of other IDEs. Read more about them and apply for your free Student License at www.jetbrains.com/student/.

Can I learn Django, Flask and Web programming Python using PyCharm Edu?

No, as PyCharm Edu does not support advanced frameworks such as Django, Flask or Pyramid. Neither does it offer web development functionality. If this is what you’re after, consider using PyCharm Professional Edition instead. There is an educational plugin available for PyCharm Professional Edition that brings educational functionality to PyCharm similar to what we have in PyCharm Edu. PyCharm Professional Edition can be used for free by students and their teachers. Apply here: www.jetbrains.com/student/. Or, if you’re a teacher, you can apply for a Classroom License here.

If I run into any problems with PyCharm Edu, how can I get help?

We are committed to providing the same professional-level support for PyCharm Edu as we do for PyCharm Professional Edition. Please submit your support requests here. You can also file a bug or ask for a new feature in our issue tracker. To stay tuned for PyCharm news and updates, visit the product blog and follow us on twitter.

Where can I get materials and tutorials for PyCharm Edu?

You can find tutorials and additional materials on the Quick Start Guide page.

I’m a teacher. How can I create a course for PyCharm?

To create a course or an assignment for PyCharm Edu, please use this tutorial.