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Item Tooltip and shortcut Description
add Add Breakpoint
Click to show the list of available breakpoint types. Select the desired type to create a new breakpoint.
delete Remove Breakpoint Click this button to remove selected breakpoints.
fileTypeText Group by File Press this button to display breakpoints under their respective files:

Breakpoint options

The controls of this part of the Breakpoints dialog depend on the type of the selected breakpoint.

Option Description Types of breakpoints
Suspend Select this check box to suspend program when a breakpoint is hit. If the check box is not selected, the program is not suspended. All types
Condition Select this check box and specify a condition for hitting a breakpoint in the text field.

A condition is a Boolean expression.

This expression should be valid at the line where the breakpoint is set, and is evaluated every time the breakpoint is reached. If the evaluation result is true, user-selected actions are performed.

If evaluation result is true, user-selected actions are performed.

If the result is false, the breakpoint does not produce any effect. If the Debugger cannot evaluate the expression, it displays the Condition evaluation error message. You can select whether you would like to stop at this breakpoint or ignore it.

All types
Log message to console Select this check box if you want a log message to be displayed in the console output when the breakpoint is hit. All types
Log evaluated expression Select this check box if you wish to evaluate a certain expression at this breakpoint and to export result to the console output. Line breakpoints
Activation policy These options are specific for Python exception breakpoints only.
Item Description
On termination The Debugger stops when the process terminates with this exception.
On raise If this option is selected, the Debugger stops on throwing an exception. So doing, there are two alternative options:
  • At each level of call chain: click this radio-button to make the Debugger stop every time an exception is thrown (including each function call up the stacktrace, until this exception is caught or the process is terminated).
  • At top of call chain: click this radio-button to make the Debugger stop only on the first place where the exception has been thrown.

Context menu commands

Command Description
Move to group Point to this command to move the selected breakpoint to a new group, to one of the existing groups(<group name>), or out of a group (<no group>).
Edit description Choose this command to enter or change description of a breakpoint.

Speed search of a breakpoint

To find a particular breakpoint

  • Start typing address or description of the target breakpoint:

    PyCharm highlights the line with the matching address or description.

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Last modified: 3 February 2015
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