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Change Signature Dialog

Refactor | Change Signature

Use the Change Signature dialog to perform the Change Signature refactoring.

Item Keyboard shortcut Description
Name Use this field to change the function name.
add Alt+Insert Use this button to add a parameter.
delete Alt+Delete Use this button to delete the selected parameter.
arrowUp arrowDown Alt+Up
Use these buttons to reorder parameters by moving them up or down in the parameter list.
Name Specify the parameter name.
Default value Specify the default parameter value to be added to the function calls. (This is the value to be passed to the function in the function calls.)
Use default value in signature Select this check box to have the default values included in the function signature.
If this check box is not selected, the default values will be included in the function calls.
Signature Preview In this area, the current function signature is shown. (The information in this area is synchronized with the changes you are making to the function signature.)
Refactor Click this button to perform the refactoring right away.
Preview Click this button to see the expected changes in the Find tool window prior to actually performing the refactoring.

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Last modified: 3 February 2015
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