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Configuring Python Interpreter for a Project

PyCharm helps assign a Python interpreter for a project. So doing, each one of the projects, opened in the same window, can have an interpreter of its own, selected from the list of available interpreters.

To configure Python SDK for the current project

  1. Open the Settings dialog box, and click Project Interpreter page.
  2. In the Projects pane, choose the desired project.
  3. For the selected project, choose SDK from the list of available Python interpreters and virtual environments.

    This list includes:

    • Python interpreters, which reside in standard locations.
    • Virtual environments, which reside under the project folder, or under the folder specified as an environment variable WORKON_HOME.
    • Other Python interpreters, installed locally or remotely.
  4. If the desired interpreter is not in the list, click cogwheel_framed, and configure the desired interpreter as described in the section Configuring Available Python Interpreters.
  5. Apply changes.

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Last modified: 3 February 2015
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