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Use this page to configure links to external documentation for the various modules installed for Python.

In this section:

Python external documentation

Item Description
Module Names This column shows the names of the modules, whose documentation you want to have visible in browser on invoking View | External Documentation , or pressing Shift+F1.
URL Pattern This column shows existing patterns of the URLs to the external documentation, or its local address.

If external documentation resides locally, specify the local path to it .

add.png Click this button to add to the list a new module and its URL pattern or local address.
edit1 Click this button to change the name and/or URL pattern of the selected module.
Double-clicking an entry in the table produces same result.
delete.png Delete the selected module from the list.

Add/Edit Documentation URL

Item Description
Module name Type module name in the text field.
URL pattern In this text field, create the desired pattern, using plain text and macros from the Available Macros field.

Note that documentation can also reside locally.

Insert Click this button to add the selected macro to the pattern.

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Last modified: 3 February 2015
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