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Managing Projects under Version Control

This section contains information related to sharing PyCharm project files with the other developers:

Directory based project format

The project settings are stored in the .idea directory. This format is used by all PyCharm versions by default. Here is what you need to share:

  • All the files under .idea directory in the project root except workspace.xml , storing user-specific settings.

Sharing run/debug configurations

You might want to share run/debug configurations. To do that, just select the check box Share in the selected run/debug configuration dialog box.

The shared run/debug configurations are kept in separate xml files under .idea\runConfigurations folder, while the local run/debug configurations are kept in the .idea\workspace.xml.

Sharing inspection profiles

To share inspection profiles, make sure to select the check box Share profile on the Inspections page of the Settings dialog.

The shared inspection profiles are stored in separate xml files under .idea\inspectionProfiles folder, while the local profiles are kept in the .idea\workspace.xml.

Project settings files to share

The config directory has several subfolders that contain xml files with your personal settings. You can easily share your preferred keymaps, color schemes, etc. by copying these files into the corresponding folders on another PyCharm installation. Prior to copying, make sure that PyCharm is not running, because it can erase the newly transferred files before shutting down.

The following is the list of some of the subfolders under the config folder, and the settings contained therein.

Folder name User Settings
codestyles Contains code style schemes.
colors Contains editor colors and fonts customization schemes.
filetypes Contains user-defined file types.
inspection Contains code inspection profiles.
keymaps Contains PyCharm keyboard shortcuts customizations.
options Contains various options, for example, feature usage statistics and macros.
templates Contains user-defined live templates.
tools Contains configuration files for the user-defined external tools.
shelf Contains shelved changes.


Be careful about sharing the following:

  • dataSources.ids, datasources.xml - these files can contain database passwords.

You may consider not to share the following:

  • User dictionaries folder, to avoid conflicts if another developer has the same name.

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Last modified: 3 February 2015
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