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Opening and Creating Tasks

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PyCharm distinguishes among tracker tasks and local tasks. A tracker task is an issue in your tracker system until it is opened in PyCharm whereupon it becomes local task. In addition to this, any activity in PyCharm can be configured as a local task, in terms of product, this action is referred to as task creation.

Opening tracker tasks and creating local tasks

When you open a tracker task (an issue in your tracking system) for the first time, a corresponding local task is created.

  1. Do one of the following:
    • On the main menu, choose Tools | Tasks&Contexts | Open Task .
    • Press Shift+Alt+N
    • Click the tasks combo on the main toolbar.
    • In the Time Tracking Tool Window, click add.
  2. To have the possibility to open already closed tasks, select the Include closed tasks check box. A closed task is one of the following:
  3. In the Enter task name pop-up window, choose Create New Task, or just type the task name.
    • If you choose Create new task <description>, a new local task with the specified description will be created. In this case, the IDE will switch to this new task.
    • If you select a task from an issue tracker, then the Open Task dialog box opens, where you can specify whether you want PyCharm to clear the current context, create a changelist for the new task, and change the issue status in the tracking system, by selecting the corresponding check boxes.

Tips and tricks

  • To show task description right in the suggestion list, press Ctrl+Q.
  • To configure access to your issue tracking system, click settings, and specify your account settings in the Servers dialog box that opens.
  • To include closed tasks in the suggestion list, press Shift+Alt+N once more, or select the corresponding check box.

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Last modified: 3 February 2015
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