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Using Help Topics

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Documentation structure

Both built-in and online PyCharm documentation have similar structure, which is outlined below:

Getting Started
Basic concepts
The Basic concepts part contains information about the notions that underlie the PyCharm functionality.
Product Usage Guidelines
The PyCharm Usage Guidelines part provides descriptions of the actions required to fulfil certain common tasks with PyCharm. Note that the part page contains an alphabetical index of all the available task descriptions.
Language and Framework-Specific Guidelines
The Language and Framework-Specific Guidelines part provides important prerequisites, enabling procedures, meta procedures of working with the various frameworks, and gives some details for performing specific tasks.
In the Reference part you can find descriptions of the tool windows, dialog controls, lists of the keyboard shortcuts, information related to specific version control systems etc.

Using built-in documentation

Built-in documentation enables you to browse through the topics using the table of contents, find occurrences in the Search tab, or use the detailed Index that contains all keywords from all topics.

To bring up help contents, do one of the following

  • On the main menu, choose Help | Help Topics .
  • Press F1.
  • Click Help button, if it is available.

To find a particular piece of information

  1. Click the Search tab of the help viewer.
  2. In the search field, type the search string and press Enter.
  3. In the list of topics that contain occurrences of the search string, select the desired one. Occurrences are highlighted in the right pane of the help viewer.

To find a keyword in the Index tab

  1. Click the Index tab of the help viewer.
  2. In the search field, type the desired keyword and press Enter. The caret rests at the first occurrence of the keyword. Every time you press Enter, the caret moves to the next occurrence of the keyword. To see the information about a keyword, select one of its sub-entries.

Online documentation

On the PyCharm site, you can find online version of the PyCharm's built-in documentation:

PyCharm web help

The online version enables you to print out pages, find pieces of information, using the Search pane, browse the documentation with the table of contents, rate topics, ask question and express your opinion. The layout of the online version consists of three panes:

Contents pane

This pane shows the table of contents.

  • Use this pane to browse through the topics.
  • Click the chevron buttons icon_InsertReplace and icon_InsertReplace2 to show or hide this pane.
  • If for some reason your browser fails to show actual table of contents, click the Refresh Tree button on top of the pane.

Topic pane

This pane shows the topic that is currently selected in the table of contents.

  • The Previous and Next links help navigate across the topics of the same level.
  • The link See also is enabled, when the corresponding section is not empty.
  • The link Comments brings you to the Comments section, where you can view the existing comments and add you own ones.
  • In the Shortcuts drop-down list, choose the platform you want to view keyboard shortcuts in (Windows/Linux, or OS X).

Search pane

  • This pane is hidden by default. Click the chevron buttons icon_InsertReplace2 and icon_InsertReplace to show or hide this pane.

Printing a page in PDF format

  1. Open the desired page of the online documentation.
  2. Click the link Get printable pdf.

Finding a piece of information in the online version

  1. Switch to the Contents pane.
  2. In the Search field, type your query.
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Click the desired entry in the search results pane. The corresponding page will open in the Topic pane, and will be highlighted in the Contents pane.
Last modified: 3 February 2015
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