PyCharm 4.0.0 Web Help

This part describes the various techniques that enable you to speed up the editing process. These techniques include:

  • Basic code completion on Ctrl+SpaceCtrl+SpaceCtrl+SpaceCtrl+SpaceAlt+SlashCtrl+SpaceCtrl+Space or Ctrl+Back SlashCtrl+SpaceControl SpaceControl SpaceControl Space.
  • Type completion on Ctrl+Shift+SpaceCtrl+Shift+SpaceCtrl+Shift+SpaceCtrl+Shift+SpaceCtrl+Shift+Space or Ctrl+Alt+SlashShift+Alt+SpaceCtrl+Shift+Space or Ctrl+Shift+Back SlashShift+Alt+SpaceControl Shift SpaceControl Shift SpaceShift Alt Space.
  • Completing punctuation on EnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnter.
  • Completing statements with smart EnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnter.
  • Completing paths in the Select Path dialog.
  • Expanding words with Alt+SlashAlt+SlashAlt+SlashAlt+SlashAlt+SlashAlt+SlashCtrl+Shift+KAlt+SlashAlt SlashAlt SlashControl Period.
  • Various tips and tricks on using the suggestion lists that appear on invoking code completion.

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