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The list of Python SDKs, available for the various projects, can include interpreters installed locally or remotely , and the various virtual environments .

To configure the list of available interpreters, follow these general steps
  1. Open the project settings, and click Python Interpreters page.
  2. Click add .
  3. From the drop-down list, select whether you want to add an interpreter from your local computer, or the one located remotely.



    Click the filter button filter.png to show all available virtual environments, including those already associated with the other projects. By default, the virtual environments already in use, are hidden.

  4. The next step depends on the selected interpreter location.
  5. When an interpreter is added, PyCharm asks whether you want to make this interpreter the default one. If you answer yes, the new Python interpreter will be made the project interpreter. Otherwise, it is included in the list of available interpreters.
  6. For the interpreter, or virtual environment, install, uninstall or upgrade packages in the Packages tab, add or remove paths in the Paths tab.
  7. Apply changes.
To remove an interpreter from the list of available interpreters
  1. In the list of available interpreters , select the one to be deleted.
  2. Click delete .

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