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Before making use of a certain template language, configure it in the Python Template Languages page of the settings dialog.

To configure a template language for a project
  1. Open the project settings, and click the node Template Languages.
  2. In the Python Template Languages page, do the following:
    • From the Template language drop-down list, select the specific template language to be used in project.
    • In the Template file types area, specify the types of files, where template tags will be recognized.

      Note that in HTML, XHTML, and XML files templates are always recognized.

      Use Add and Remove buttons to make up the desired list of file types.

    • In the Template directories area, specify the directories where the templates in project will be stored.
      Note that by default, this area contains a directory, which you've defined as a template directory when creating a Django or Google App Engine project.

      Use Add and Remove buttons to make up the desired list of folders.

    • Optionally, select the check box to enable using templates in JavaScript.

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