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Content is a set of roots that can belong to one of the following types:

  • Regular content roots, created as described in the section Configuring Content Roots. These roots are marked with folder.
  • Source roots that contain the actual source files and resources. These roots are marked with rootSource.gif. PyCharm uses the source roots as the starting point for resolving imports.

    The files under the source roots are interpreted according to their type. PyCharm can parse, inspect, index, and compile the contents of these roots.

  • Excluded roots that contain files and folders ignored by PyCharm when indexing, searching, parsing, watching etc. These roots are marked with rootExcluded.gif.

    Excluded roots are not visible to PyCharm. Usually, one would like to exclude temporary build folders, generated output, logs, and other project output. Excluding the unnecessary paths is a good way to significantly improve performance.

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