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As soon as version control support is enabled in PyCharm, you can retrieve the data from the repository. Depending on your purpose and workflow, choose one of the following approaches:

  • Check out the repository sources to a content root of an existing project. Then set up version control in the project, if it has not been done before, and put the downloaded sources under control of the VCS used.
  • Check out the repository sources to a location of your choice and have PyCharm create a project around them. This does not require any extra steps from your side. PyCharm suggests to set up a project based on the downloaded sources itself, as soon as the check-out is completed. Upon your consent, the New Project from Existing Code Wizard starts. When the project is created, set up version control in it.


    This approach is not available for Perforce integration.

The check-out procedure depends on the type of VCS you use. Refer to the following sections for details:

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