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Some features described here are available in the Professional edition only.

In a diagram, you can use all the regular procedures that enable navigating to the underlying source code:

  • Jump to source (F4F4F4F4F4F4F4F12 or Ctrl+Shift+E⌘ Down or F4F4F3). So doing, if the Jump to Source command has been invoked on a class node, the caret is placed at the class declaration.
  • View source (Ctrl+EnterCtrl+EnterCtrl+EnterCtrl+EnterCtrl+EnterCtrl+EnterCtrl+EnterCtrl+Enter⌘ Enter⌘ Enter⌘ Enter)
  • Navigate by name (Ctrl+NCtrl+NCtrl+NCtrl+NShift+Alt+GCtrl+CommaCtrl+OCtrl+Shift+T⌘ O⌘ NShift ⌘ T, Ctrl+Shift+NCtrl+Shift+NCtrl+Shift+NCtrl+Shift+NCtrl+X, Ctrl+FCtrl+Shift+NShift+Alt+OCtrl+Shift+RShift ⌘ OShift ⌘ NShift ⌘ R, or Ctrl+Shift+Alt+NCtrl+Shift+Alt+NCtrl+Shift+Alt+NCtrl+Shift+Alt+NCtrl+Shift+Alt+NCtrl+Shift+Alt+NCtrl+Shift+Alt+OCtrl+Shift+Alt+NAlt ⌘ OShift Alt ⌘ NAlt ⌘ O)

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