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Function Shortcut Use this shortcut to...
Rename Shift+F6Shift+F6Shift+F6Shift+F6Shift+F6Shift+F6Ctrl+RShift+Alt+RShift F6Shift F6Shift F6 Rename the selected file, class, field, method, etc. and change all references to it accordingly.
Change Method Signature Ctrl+F6Ctrl+F6Ctrl+6Ctrl+F6Ctrl+F6Ctrl+F6Ctrl+F6Shift+Alt+C⌘ F6⌘ F6Alt ⌘ C Change the signature of the selected method and update all the corresponding method calls.
Move F6F6F6F6F6F6Ctrl+MShift+Alt+VF6F6Alt ⌘ V Move the selected class, package or static member to another package or class and update all the corresponding references.
Copy F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5 Create a copy of the selected class, file or directory in the same or different directory or package.
Clone CloneElementCloneElementCloneElementCloneElementCloneElementCloneElementCloneElementCloneElementCloneElementCloneElementCloneElement Create a copy of the selected class in the same package.
Safe Delete Alt+DeleteAlt+DeleteAlt+DeleteAlt+DeleteAlt+DeleteAlt+DeleteAlt+DeleteAlt+Delete⌘ Delete⌘ Delete⌘ Delete Delete the selected class, method or field checking its usages.
Extract Method Ctrl+Alt+MCtrl+Alt+MCtrl+Alt+MCtrl+Alt+MCtrl+Alt+MCtrl+Alt+MShift+Alt+MShift+Alt+MAlt ⌘ MAlt ⌘ MAlt ⌘ M Turn the selected code fragment into a method.
Extract Variable Ctrl+Alt+VCtrl+Alt+VShift+Alt+VCtrl+Alt+VCtrl+Alt+VCtrl+Alt+VShift+Alt+VShift+Alt+L or Ctrl+Alt+VAlt ⌘ VAlt ⌘ VAlt ⌘ L Create a new variable and use the selected expression as its value.
Extract Field Ctrl+Alt+FCtrl+Alt+FCtrl+Alt+FCtrl+Alt+FCtrl+Alt+FCtrl+Alt+FShift+Alt+ECtrl+Alt+FAlt ⌘ FAlt ⌘ FAlt ⌘ F Create a new field and use the selected expression as its value.
Extract Constant Ctrl+Alt+CCtrl+Alt+CCtrl+Alt+CCtrl+Alt+CCtrl+Alt+CCtrl+Alt+CShift+Alt+CCtrl+Alt+CAlt ⌘ CAlt ⌘ CAlt ⌘ C Create a new constant (static final field) and use the selected expression as its value.
Extract Parameter Ctrl+Alt+PCtrl+Alt+PCtrl+Alt+PCtrl+Alt+PCtrl+Alt+PCtrl+Alt+PCtrl+Alt+PCtrl+Alt+PAlt ⌘ PAlt ⌘ PAlt ⌘ P Turn the selected expression into a new method parameter.
Inline Ctrl+Alt+NCtrl+Alt+NCtrl+Alt+NCtrl+Alt+NCtrl+Alt+NCtrl+Alt+NCtrl+Alt+NShift+Alt+IAlt ⌘ NAlt ⌘ NAlt ⌘ I Inline the selected method or variable.

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