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PyCharm enables running entire applications as well as particular scripts.

When running an application, PyCharm uses the settings defined in the Run/Debug Configuration dialog box. All run configurations that exist in a project, are available in the Select Run/Debug Configuration drop-down list on the main toolbar:

To run an application
  • On the main toolbar, select the desired run configuration, and do one of the following:
    • Choose Run | Run on the main menu.
    • Click img.
    • Press Shift+F10Shift+F10Shift+F10Shift+F10Shift+F10Ctrl+F5F6Shift+Alt+X or Shift+F10Control RShift F10Shift ⌘ F11.

Alternatively, you can press Shift+Alt+F10Shift+Alt+F10Shift+Alt+F10Shift+Alt+F10Shift+Alt+F10Shift+Alt+F10Shift+Alt+F10Shift+Alt+F10Control Alt RShift Alt F10Control Alt R, select the desired run configuration from the pop-up menu, and press EnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnter.


From this pop-up menu you can:

  • Invoke Edit Configuration dialog.
  • Edit the selected configuration before launch (F4F4F4F4F4F4F4F12 or Ctrl+Shift+E⌘ Down or F4F4F3).
  • Instantly delete a temporary configuration (DeleteDeleteDeleteDeleteDelete or Ctrl+DDeleteDeleteDeleteDelete, Backspace or ⌘ BackspaceDelete, Backspace or ⌘ BackspaceDelete, Backspace or ⌘ Backspace).
  • Switch from run to debug and vice versa (hold Shift).
  • Access a previously selected configuration (1).
  • Access context-dependent configuration (2 or 3).

This pop-up menu can also be quickly accessed by pressing F9, when you're not running any debug session.

To run a script with a temporary run/debug configuration
  1. Open the desired script in the editor, or select it in the Project tool window.
  2. Choose Run <name > on the context menu, or press Ctrl+Shift+F10Ctrl+Shift+F10Ctrl+Shift+F10Ctrl+Shift+F10Ctrl+Shift+F10Ctrl+F9Shift+Alt+F6 or Shift+F6Ctrl+Shift+F10Control Shift RControl Shift F10Control Shift R. So doing, a temporary run/debug configuration is created on-the-fly.


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