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Use this page to associate your account in the bug tracking system you use with the PyCharm project.

Item Shortcut Description
add Alt+InsertAlt+InsertAlt+InsertAlt+InsertAlt+InsertCtrl+N or Alt+InsertAlt+InsertAlt+Insert⌘ N or Control EnterControl N or Control Enter⌘ N or Control Enter Click to add a new server of one of the supported types. For example:

Click add to explore the list of the supported servers.

delete Alt+DeleteAlt+DeleteAlt+DeleteAlt+DeleteAlt+DeleteAlt+DeleteAlt+DeleteAlt+Delete⌘ Delete⌘ Delete⌘ Delete Click to remove the selected server.

Server Options. General

Item Available for Description
Share URL All servers If this check box is selected, the server URL of your issue tracking system, specified in the field below becomes available to the other team members.
URL All servers Specify here the server URL of your issue tracking system.
Username / Password YouTrack/JIRA Specify here login name and password for your YouTrack/JIRA account.
Repository GitHub Specify here the name of the desired Git repository.
Search YouTrack Specify here the default search string.
Project ID Lighthouse, Pivotal Tracker, Redmine Specify here the name of your project in the tracker.
API Token Lighthouse, Pivotal Tracker Specify here the desired API token for the project in question.
Use proxy All servers Select this check box to use the specified proxy server.
Proxy settings All servers Click this button to set up proxy settings.
Use HTTP authentication JIRA Select this check box to enable HTTP authentication.
Test All servers Click this button to make sure the connection is established.

Server Options. Commit Message

Item Description
Add commit message If this check box is selected, a commit message for a changelist, created from an issue in a bug tracking system, is formed according to the syntax defined below.
Message Use the placeholders to define the commit message syntax. The available placeholders are:
{id},{summary},{number}, {project}

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