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The Tool Windows Reference contains detailed information about the functionality, controls and menus of the PyCharm tool windows.

In this section:

  • Project (Alt+1Alt+1Alt+1Alt+1Alt+1Alt+1Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, Ctrl+3 or Alt+1Alt+1Command 1Command 1Command 1)
  • Favorites (Alt+2Alt+2Alt+2Alt+2Alt+2Alt+2Alt+2Alt+2Command 2Command 2Command 2)
  • Find (Alt+3Alt+3Alt+3Alt+3Alt+3Alt+3Shift+Alt+U, Ctrl+Shift+0 or Alt+2Alt+3Command 3Command 3Alt Command Q, S)
  • Run (Alt+4Alt+4Alt+4Alt+4Alt+4Alt+4Alt+4Alt+4Command 4Command 4Command 4)
  • Debug (Alt+5Alt+5Alt+5Alt+5Alt+5Alt+5Alt+5Alt+5Command 5Command 5Command 5)
  • TODO (Alt+6Alt+6Alt+6Alt+6Alt+6Alt+6Alt+6 or Ctrl+6Alt+6Command 6Command 6Command 6)
  • Structure (Alt+7Alt+7Alt+7Alt+7Alt+7Alt+7Ctrl+7 or Alt+7Alt+7Command 7Command 7Command 7)
  • Hierarchy (Alt+8Alt+8Alt+8Alt+8Alt+8Alt+8Alt+8Alt+8Command 8Command 8Command 8)
  • Changes (Alt+9Alt+9Alt+9Alt+9Alt+9Alt+9Alt+9Alt+9Command 9Command 9Command 9)
  • Dependency Viewer
  • Inspection
  • Version Control

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