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Once built , hierarchies can be brought up for close examination in the Hierarchy tool window.

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To show the Hierarchy tool window, do one of following


The Hierarchy tool window is not shown when there are no hierarchies to display. You have to build hierarchies first.

Refer to Building Class Hierarchy to learn how to build hierarchies.

  • On the main menu, choose View | Tool Windows | Hierarchy.
  • Use Alt+8Alt+8Alt+8Alt+8Alt+8Alt+8Alt+8Alt+8⌘ 8⌘ 8⌘ 8 keyboard shortcut.
To navigate between the tabs of the Hierarchy window, do one of the following
  • Right-click the currently displayed tab, and choose Select Next Tab/Select Previous Tab on the context menu.
  • Use the Alt+RightAlt+RightAlt+RightAlt+RightAlt+Right, Ctrl+X, N or Ctrl+X, OAlt+RightCtrl+Page DownCtrl+F6, Ctrl+Alt+Left or Ctrl+Page DownShift ⌘ Close Bracket or Control RightControl Right⌘ F6 or Alt ⌘ Right and Alt+LeftAlt+LeftAlt+LeftAlt+LeftAlt+Left or Ctrl+X, PAlt+LeftCtrl+Page UpCtrl+Shift+F6, Ctrl+Alt+Right or Ctrl+Page UpShift ⌘ Open Bracket or Control LeftControl LeftShift ⌘ F6 or Alt ⌘ Left keyboard shortcuts.
  • Click the currently displayed tab, and choose the next tab to display.


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