PyCharm 4.0.0 Web Help

Some features described here are available in the Professional edition only.

PyCharm makes it possible to explore the structure of data sources and tables in a UML class diagram.

To view the structure of a data source or table
  1. Right-click a table or a data source in the Database tool window, and point to Diagrams.
  2. On the submenu, select how the data source or table structure should be shown:
    • Show Visualisation. The UML class diagram will open on a separate editor tab. (The keyboard shortcut for this command is Ctrl+Shift+Alt+UCtrl+Shift+Alt+UCtrl+Shift+Alt+UCtrl+Shift+Alt+UCtrl+Shift+Alt+UCtrl+Shift+Alt+UCtrl+Shift+Alt+UCtrl+Shift+Alt+UShift Alt ⌘ UShift Alt ⌘ UShift Alt ⌘ U.)
    • Show Visualisation Popup. The UML class diagram will open in a pop-up window. (The keyboard shortcut for this command is Ctrl+Alt+UCtrl+Alt+UCtrl+Alt+UCtrl+Alt+UCtrl+Alt+UCtrl+Alt+UCtrl+Alt+UCtrl+Alt+UAlt ⌘ UAlt ⌘ UAlt ⌘ U.)

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