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You can examine the structure of the file currently opened in the editor using the Structure tool window or the Structure pop-up window.

By default, PyCharm shows all the namespaces, classes, methods, and functions presented in the current file.

To have other members displayed, turn on the the corresponding options on the context menu of the title bar of the Structure window.

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To view the file structure, do one of the following
  • On the main menu, choose View | Tool Windows | Structure.
  • Press Alt+7Alt+7Alt+7Alt+7Alt+7Alt+7Ctrl+7 or Alt+7Alt+7Command 7Command 7Command 7.
  • Press Ctrl+F12Ctrl+F12Ctrl+0Ctrl+F12Ctrl+F12Ctrl+F12Ctrl+F12 or Ctrl+Shift+F12Ctrl+F3 or Ctrl+OCommand F12Command F12Command O.
To have class fields displayed
  • Turn on the Show Fields option on the context menu of the title bar.
To have inherited members displayed
  • Turn on the Show Inherited option on the context menu of the title bar.

By default, PyCharm shows only methods, constants, and fields defined in the current class. If shown, inherited members are displayed gray.

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