What’s New in PyCharm 4.5

All Python tools in one place

PyCharm 4.5 unites even more tools and features for productive Python, Django and Web development that work together smoothly to offer you a unique coding experience.

Please note that features marked pro only are supported only in PyCharm Professional Edition.

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Python Tools

Python Profiler Integration pro only

Take full control of your code with the brand-new Python Profiler Integration, supporting yappi and cProfile. Discover captured snapshots and detailed statistics with the colored function call graph.

Inline Debugger

The PyCharm debugger now includes an Inline Debugger for easy inspection of variables, function parameters and objects right inside the editor while debugging your application.

Matplotlib Interactive Mode

The matplotlib interactive mode now works in both Python and Debugger consoles.

Ignore Library Files

The debugger is improved with the new 'Ignore library files' option. Use it to have the debugger stop inside your code in case the exception is raised in a library module, instead of stopping inside the library code.

Step into My Code

Stay focused on your code by telling the debugger to step only through your project code, as opposed to stepping through the library sources.

Now it's possible to jump from the debugger's variables view to the code where an object or its type are defined.

New manage.py Tool pro only

PyCharm 4.5 introduces a significantly reworked manage.py tool for Django projects, with a new user interface, autocompletion for manage.py tasks and their arguments, quick documentation, and command history. Django 1.8 code insight has also been improved.

Bulk Move Refactoring

Apply this new refactoring to securely move multiple module members such as functions, classes and variables to another file.

Convert to Module/Package

With this new refactoring feature, you can safely convert an existing Python module to a package, or vice versa.

IPython Notebook

IPython Notebook integration has been significantly improved with the new IPython Notebook console and numerous bug-fixes.

Scratch Files

You can now work with temporary Python Scratch Files, which are not part of a project. Enjoy running, debugging and all other usual actions in Scratch Files.

IDE Improvements

Distraction-free Mode

When you need to just focus on the code, switch to the brand new Distraction Free Mode: no toolbars, no tool windows, no editor tabs, just you and your code in the center of the screen. To switch, click
View → Enter Distraction Free Mode.

Git and Mercurial Log

The Log viewer for Git and Mercurial now loads much faster and provides a new 'Reset Current Branch to Here' action.

Now you can filter by repositories. For better clarity, each repository is indicated with its own color.

Commits by the current user are now highlighted.

Database Tools pro only

We've improved the built-in set of tools for SQL developers:

  • Multiple Consoles per data source, now with a schema switcher, Local History, and easier access
  • Image detection in the Table Editor and Results View
  • The new Navigate to Table/Procedure action
  • Integrated Windows Authentication support for SQL Server


  • Initial support for Python 3.5
  • NumPy code insight
  • Mark directory as Resource Root
  • Multiple per-project Vagrant configurations
  • Behave's default parse mode for step parameters
  • HiDPI display support for Windows and Linux
  • Enhancements to HTML editor
  • TypeScript 1.4 support
  • New Spy-js features
  • Grunt and Dart improvements
  • V8 profiling for Node.js

PyCharm 4.5 incorporates most of the new functionality of the latest WebStorm.

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