2.6 is Coming — Flask, Diagrams, Python 3.3 and more…

After Python 2.5 came 2.6, so we thought we would follow the numbering with PyCharm. Version 2.6 brings some big new features and many important improvements to the IDE. Check out the short descriptions below and download PyCharm 2.6 to try it out.

Diagrams for Python, Django, GAE

Python with its structure is good for reading code. But to get a good understanding of some code a visual presentation still works better. Now PyCharm allows viewing class diagrams for any Python project (right-click a file and select Diagrams).

Model relationships diagrams for Django, Google App Engine projects and SQLAlchemy ORM are also available under View->Model Dependency Diagram int the main IDE menu.

Diagrams allow visual customization as well as printing and exporting to an image or SVG.

Web Development With Flask

PyCharm now supports the development of Web applications using the Flask microframework.

Watch the screencast to see the Flask tutorial completed in action with many PyCharm productivity features showcased:

  • Code completion and specific live templates (snippets) in Python code,
  • Powerful code completion in SQL code,
  • Strong Jinja 2 support for creating application views and a lot more.

Flask support is created as an external plugin for PyCharm. Its source code is available at GitHub. We encourage you to use it as a reference for implementing support for other frameworks.

Python 3.3

PyCharm has been updated to support the new language features of Python 3.3, including the new namespace packages.
What's new in Python 3.3 screencast »

Code Analysis & Inspections

  • A number of enhancements in Python code inspections make PyCharm report much fewer false warnings.
  • New intention action (Alt+Enter) allows specifying data type for a variable implicitly using annotations, docstrings or 'assert instance' checks.
  • Improved Python type inference and auto-import routines in the editor.


Many fixes and improvements in Django support including specific code completion, code inspections, Django templates editing and applications running.


  • Live schema refactoring (rename table/column, drop table/column, new table/column + DDL export).
  • Export query result as CSV, TSV, HTML, SQL INSERTs, SQL UPDATEs to a file or clipboard.
  • Improved SQL completion and other enhancements.

IDE Enhancements

There are other changes that make using the IDE more fun:

  • Possibility to run another run configuration or external tool as "before run" action.
  • Support for external merge tools. Configure it under IDE Settings | External Diff Tools.
  • 'Recent files' popup is now much more powerful and allows quickly navigating to IDE tool-windows.

Better CSS, LESS, Sass

We took the new stylesheets seriously and fixed a great deal of problems you reported about CSS, LESS and especially Sass/SCSS.

Now you can also make your syntactically awesome stylesheets even more awesome with "Rename" and "Extract Variable" refactorings.