Brand New ReSharper Configurator!

Announcing ReSharper Configurator — build your own customized version of ReSharper!
Choose from the options below for your personalized, top-gear .NET development experience:

1. Analysis Engine

Analysis Engine

errors and smells in a single file.

in your entire solution live.

2. Packages

Analysis Engine

Null reference analysis, Value flow analysis, Safe delete, Unit testing

Complete statement, Live templates, Smart completion, Type completion, Import popup, dotTrace integration

Navigate from here, View recent items, Parameter info, Quick doc

Go to symbol, Go to file, File structure

Refactor this (35+ refactorings), Create from usage, Generate

Analysis Engine

3. Interior

Identifier highlighting

Highlight current line

Highlight matching delimiters

Choose interior color: interior color

Analysis Engine

4. Exterior

Code formatting and cleanup

Code style sharing

Choose exterior color: interior color