To install ReSharper:
  1. Exit all running Visual Studio instances.
  2. Run the ReSharper installation.
  3. On the first installation page you will be prompted to choose products to install (ReSharper and/or any of the JetBrains .NET tools) and versions of Visual Studio you prefer integrating them to. Choose products and appropriate versions and proceed with installation. Please note that ReSharper 9 is not compatible with previous JetBrains .NET tools versions. This means that if you choose "Skip" option for an older version of dotTrace (up to 5.5.5), dotCover (up to 2.7) or dotMemory (up to 4.1), that were previously installed in the same instance of Visual Studio that you want ReSharper 9 integrate to, all previous versions of .NET tools will be unistalled.
  4. Launch Visual Studio.
  5. You will be able to evaluate ReSharper for 30 days for free or enter your license data. Evaluation period for dotTrace, dotMemory and other ReSharper Ultimate tools may vary.

Develop with pleasure!