ReSharper Early Access Program

Welcome to ReSharper Ultimate 2017.1 Early Access Program (EAP)! The program provides access to pre-release builds of ReSharper 2017.1 and other ReSharper Ultimate tools: ReSharper C++, dotTrace, dotMemory, dotCover, dotPeek, and TeamCity plug-in for Visual Studio.

As this is pre-release software, stability of builds presented here, as well as their applicability to a certain purpose, may (and most probably will) vary. Please use the builds at your own risk. In addition, please note that:

  • All EAP builds are valid for 30 days from release date and do not require a license.
  • All products that integrate into Visual Studio support Visual Studio 2017 RC, 2015, 2013, 2012 and 2010.
  • The ReSharper Ultimate installer will remove all previous installations of ReSharper and other JetBrains .NET tools from Visual Studio.

Please use ReSharper issue tracker to report bugs and suggest features.

(If you're looking for the latest stable version of ReSharper, please go to ReSharper Downloads instead.)

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Build highlights

  • C# 7: support for value tasks and user-defined task-like types
  • Visual Studio 2017: Move to Folder refactoring now works in Open Folder mode; switching a file's target framework context works correctly
  • Auto-detecting indent size (off by default)
  • Performance improvements in processing TypeScript and JavaScript file dependencies (the fixed problem even affected non-web projects)
  • ReSharper C++:
    • Update file header task in Code Cleanup is now available for C++ files
    • Support for std::is_assignable trait
    • An experimental option that disallows reindexing includers of a header file when preprocessor directives inside the header are changed (can be reverted under ReSharper | Options | Code Editing | C++ | Performance)

See also:

  • Improved integration into Visual Studio 2017: support for Lightweight Solution Load mode, Faster Project Load mode for C/C++, initial support for Open Folder mode
  • Initial support for EditorConfig
  • Context actions for local functions in C# 7
  • Enhanced code formatter for C#: a new wrapping engine, support for comma-first style
  • Initial support for Angular 2 template syntax
  • Full support for TypeScript 2.1, initial support for TypeScript 2.2
  • Postfix templates and improved code completion items relevance in JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Navigate to Function Exits and Navigate to Implementing Members in TypeScript/JavaScript
  • Support for MSTest V2 and a new portable PDB format
  • dotMemory, dotTrace, dotCover: fixed performance issues and startup project profiling for .NET Core applications
  • Option to switch code coverage highlighting mode in dotCover: show markers, colored background or both
  • ReSharper C++:
    • Significant improvements in memory usage
    • New postfix completion templates and settings page
    • Join declaration and assignment quick-fix
    • Custom attributes to mark printf functions, functions with side effects and guard classes for which the Unused variable highlighting should be suppressed
    • Formatter improvements

See also: