NAnt and MSBuild Scripts Editing

On-the-fly Error Highlighting

ReSharper analyses your build scripts on the fly - while you type - and highlights unknown properties, targets, tasks, and attributes. Status indicator and navigation between errors are available in build scripts as well.

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In build script files, ReSharper offers quick-fixes for unknown properties, targets, tasks, and their attributes. Quick-fixes are represented by the red light bulb that appears automatically to the left of the code line containing the error when you position the caret on the error.

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Code Completion

ReSharper lets you complete names of properties, targets, tasks, and attributes that are available within the current scope.

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XML Editing

All editing and assistance features provided for XML are available in build scripts as well. They include Import Symbol Completion and highlighting.

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Navigation & Search

ReSharper assists you in build scripts and navigation in a number of ways. Specifically, you can:

  • Go to declaration of tasks, targets and properties from reference
  • Find usages
  • Navigate between usages
  • Highlight usages
    Navigation features in build scripts are supported in the same as way as in C# code.

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When you rename a property or target with ReSharper's Rename refactoring, all its references and even usages in comments and strings are automatically updated to reflect the change. Just press F2 on a symbol to rename it.
When you invoke the Safe Delete refactoring on a target or a property in a build file, ReSharper performs all necessary validations and operations to remove selected symbol. ReSharper can also remove any conflicting references for you. Just press Alt+Del on a symbol for safe deletion.

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File Structure

With the File Structure window, you can see what properties and targets the current build script contains.

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