ReSharper Open API

ReSharper's functionality can be significantly extended with its Open API. In fact, most of ReSharper's features are implemented using this same API that is available in ReSharper plugins.

Functionality that you can add to ReSharper using its Open API includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Highlighting of new errors and warnings.
  • New quick-fixes.
  • Custom tool windows.
  • New refactorings.

For more information on using ReSharper's Open API, see:

You can also browse through the list of list of currently available ReSharper plugins.

The NuGet-based Extension Manager makes discovery, installation and uninstallation of ReSharper extensions extremely easy. When we say extensions, we mean not only full-fledged plugins but also sets of code templates or structural search and replace patterns that can now be shared much easier.

Extension manager