Complete List of 3.0.1 Release Notes


  • [RSRP-43310] - Build Identity Is Not Saved into the Logs
  • [RSRP-43579] - ReSharper incorrectly thinks that ASP.NET server controls declared in data-binding templates are declared at the page level
  • [RSRP-43604] - "Cannot resolve symbol" highlighting for UserControls and Ajax Toolkit controls
  • [RSRP-43788] - Base type is not taken into account in VB partial types
  • [RSRP-43859] - QF create method creates it in *.designer.cs in ASP with AJAX controls
  • [RSRP-44005] - XAML class parts should declare class in default namespace in VB projects
  • [RSRP-44020] - Memory leak possible in unit test session
  • [RSRP-44117] - Plugins' actions.xml don't work
  • [RSRP-44158] - VSPsiSupportManager.Check works incorrectly for Web Sites inside Solution Folders
  • [RSRP-44175] - License form doesn't trim user name
  • [RSRP-44298] - "Iterate generic IList" VB live template contains incorrect code


  • [RSRP-44003] - Cannot create empty token. Type: Start:35 End:35

June 29, 2007