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This page of ReSharper options allows you to adjust code generation settings. For more information, see Code Generation.

Generated member default body style This setting allows you to choose what ReSharper will include in the bodies of generated members.
  • Throw new NotImplementedException()
    When this option is selected, ReSharper throws NotImplementedException() in bodies of generated members.
  • Return default value
    When this option is selected, ReSharper creates default value return statement in generated members, according to return type:
  • Not compiled code
    When this option is selected, ReSharper fills bodies in generated members with symbols that prevent compilation:
Generated property style This setting defines how properties are generated for implementing and overriding members
  • Automatic property
  • Property with backing field
  • Accessors with default body
    The default body is generated depending on the Generated member default body style setting described above.
Other options
Copy XML documentation from overridden members When selected, allows copying XML doc comments from the overridden members to the generated overriding members.
Wrap generated members in regions Groups overriding and implemented members within regions with names describing the generated content, e.g. Overrides of [name of base class] and Implementation of [name of base interface].
Annotate property accessors with [DebuggerStepThrough] When selected, adds the DebuggerStepThrough attribute to getters and setters of generated properties to prevent debugger from stepping into the property accessors.

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Last modified: 30 June 2015