ReSharper Screencast Upload

In order to better understand how people are using ReSharper 3.0, the ReSharper Team is collecting screencasts from people using the product.

You can submit as many videos as you like, either providing your contact details, or anonymously.

We are also sweetening the deal by offering free personal licenses for ReSharper 3.0 Full Edition to the people who submit the best three videos.

To participate in the contest, a video needs to meet the following criteria:

  1. You use ReSharper 3.0 in the video. The terms of use (under a permanent license or evaluation) doesn't matter.
  2. The video is 5 to 10 minutes in length and almost always in action.
  3. You grant us permission to publish the video by checking the appropriate radio dial when you submit your video. Obviously, people want to see the winners! Please be sure to avoid submitting any sensitive information visible in the video.
  4. You provide your full name, e-mail address and postal address so we can contact you and register you in our customer database if you win.
  5. The video is submitted not later than August 24th, 2007