Rider Early Access Program

This page lists pre-release builds of Rider, the new .NET IDE from JetBrains. As this is pre-release software, stability of builds presented here, as well as their applicability to a certain purpose, may (and most probably will) vary. Please use the builds at your own risk.

For the list of known issues you might want to visit Rider help center.

Rider is being actively developed, and we really appreciate your feedback. Please use Rider issue tracker to report bugs and suggest features.

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Build highlights

  • Build: 2017.2 EAP 2
  • Released: September 22, 2017
  • Call Tracking and Value Tracking, both available via the Inspect This menu.
  • VCS integration improvements.
  • JavaScript and TypeScript support improvements.
  • Open individual file or folder.
  • Attach folder to a solution.
  • Lambda expressions in debugger watches.
  • Auto-start or debug web applications.
  • Multi-line code completion.
  • Documentation displayed in code generation actions.
  • F# and Unity support improvements.

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  • Build: 2017.2 EAP 1
  • Released: September 04, 2017
  • Support for .NET Core 2.0.
  • Unit testing:
    • (Classic) MSTest support (Windows only, requires a Visual Studio installation);
    • MSTest V2 (cross-platform);
    • xUnit in .NET Core 2.0 projects;
    • NUnit in .NET Core 1.1 and 2.0 projects;
    • Performance improvements in large solutions;
    • Support for tests with huge outputs.
  • Debugger: Make Object ID, Parallel Stacks view, and basic support of Add to Watches on nested items.
  • New inspections, quick-fixes and context actions from ReSharper 2017.2 related to C# 7.0 and 7.1, IEnumerable usage analysis, and <inheritdoc/> in XML documentation.
  • NuGet support improvements, including a client version upgrade (v4.3), complete semver2 support, understanding packages with wildcard versions etc.
  • Unity: improved debugging in different players, and support for modularized UnityEngine libraries.
  • New refactorings: Transform Parameters and Invert Boolean.
  • Redesigned navigation bar.
  • Fixes in F#/C# interop.

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