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File | Settings | Build, Execution, Deployment | Debugger

Use this page to configure behavior of the Debugger and customize its view.

Common debugger options

Item Description
Focus application on breakpoint If this check box is selected, on hitting a breakpoint, RubyMine will show the location of this breakpoint in the editor and will attempt to bring its frame to the front.
Show debug window on breakpoint Is this check box is selected, then on hitting a breakpoint,
Hide debug window on process termination Automatically hide the Debug window when the debugged program terminates.
Built-in server port Use this spin box to specify the number of the port where the built-in web server runs. By default this port is set to the default RubyMine port through which RubyMine accepts connections from services.
Can accept external connections If this check box is selected, then the files launched on the built-in server running on the specified port, are accessible from a different computer.


Item Description
Debug connection timeout (s) Specify here the debug connection timeout in seconds.
Verbose debugger output Select this check box to turn on verbose debugger output.
Attach to sub-processes automatically while debugging Select this check box to enable multi-process debugging.
Read frames of non-suspended threads (not supported for Ruby 2.0) Select this check box to be able to view frames of threads not paused by current breakpoint event.

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