RubyMine 7.1.3 Help

PIK Support

RubyMine supports pik versions up to 0.3.0pre and 0.2.8.

pik is intended for Windows.

In this section:


  • pik is installed on your computer.
  • Ruby interpreters are installed.
  • RubyMine supports pik Ruby interpreters installed in the default pik folder ~/.pik only.


At startup, RubyMine scans your ~/.pik folder , and automatically configures SDK's for each Ruby interpreter . The detected interpreters are shown in the Ruby SDK and Gems page of the Settings dialog.

RubyMine also detects newly installed pik interpreters "on-the-fly". On reopening the Settings dialog, you will find updates in the Ruby SDK and Gems page.

All the gems, installed apart from the default gems (that come with Ruby SDK, installed via pik) are visible.

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Last modified: 27 June 2015