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Rebasing Branches

The Git integration with RubyMine supports the Rebase operation and provides interface that ensures high flexibility in setting rebase arguments.

The following functionality is supported:

  • The basic use case, which involves applying a branch on top of the current HEAD of the master after synchronization with the upstream.
  • Rebasing a branch entirely or partially to a specific commit in any branch or tag.
  • Running rebase on several local repositories simultaneously.
  • Selecting a merge strategy to apply, with the possibility to use no merging strategy at all.
  • Running rebase interactively with control over preserving/squashing merges.
  • Resuming interrupted rebase after merge conflicts are resolved.
  • Cancelling rebase.

To initiate a rebase operation

  1. On the main menu, choose VCS | Git | Rebase . The Rebase Branches dialog box opens.
  2. From the Git Root drop-down list, select the relevant local repository.
  3. From the Branch drop-down list, select the branch to rebase.
  4. Specify the new base and commits to apply.

To resume an interrupted rebase operation

  • On the main menu, choose VCS | Git | Continue Rebasing .

    Before resuming rebase, view the log in the Version Control tool window.

To cancel a rebase operation

  • On the main menu, choose VCS | Git | Abort Rebasing .

    If rebase has been initiated on two or more local repositories, the Abort Rebasing dialog box is displayed. Use the Git Root drop-down list, to specify the repository to cancel rebase on.

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Last modified: 24 January 2015
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