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RubyMine provides the best environment to work with RubyMotion. Context-based auto-completion, point-and-click debugging, inline documentation — you name it, RubyMine does it. At HipByte we highly recommend the use of RubyMine as the default environment to develop RubyMotion applications.

Laurent Sansonetti
Creator of RubyMotion
Programmer & Founder at HipByte

Ruby and Rails IDE

RubyMine is famous for its outstanding code analysis routines, which underlie all its productivity features such as smart code completion, code inspections and automatic refactorings. With developer efficiency as its first priority, RubyMine provides a comprehensive code editor aware of language specifics for Ruby, Rails, HTML/HAML, CSS/Less/Sass, and JavaScript/CoffeeScript code. It also offers smart navigation options, version control integration, and powerful testing and debugging capabilities.

RubyMotion IDE

Starting with version 5, RubyMine takes on the additional role of RubyMotion IDE, bringing all the essential productivity boosters to the world of RubyMotion apps. Code insight is available for both Ruby and Objective-C code, which makes iOS and OS X development with RubyMotion even more pleasant. With powerful testing and debugging UI, working either with a simulator or a real device, it is much easier to fine-tune your application code. All Rake commands and an interactive console are at your disposal as well.

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