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This section lists and describes the keyboard shortcuts that include the Shift+Alt keys:

Shortcut Function Use this shortcut to...
Shift+Alt+N Navigate to Rails Move focus to a Rails component suggested in the Navigate to Rails pop-up menu. Refer to Navigating Between Rails Components.
Shift+Alt+F7Shift+Alt+F7Shift+Alt+F7Shift+Alt+F7Shift+Alt+F7Alt+F11 or Alt+F8Shift+Alt+F7Shift+Alt+F7Shift+Alt+F7Shift Alt F7Shift Alt F7Control Command F5Shift Command F9 Force Step Into Step into the method called in the current execution point, even if this method is to be skipped.
Shift+Alt+F8Shift+Alt+F8Shift+Alt+F8Shift+Alt+F8Shift+Alt+F8Shift+Alt+F8Shift+Alt+F8Shift+Alt+F8Shift+Alt+F8Shift Alt F8Shift Alt F8Control Command F6Shift Command F10 Force Step Over Run until the next line in this method or file, skipping the methods referenced at the current execution point and ignoring breakpoints.
Shift+Alt+F9Shift+Alt+F9Shift+Alt+F9Shift+Alt+F9Shift+Alt+F9Shift+Alt+F9Shift+Alt+F9Shift+Alt+F9Meta+DControl Alt DShift Alt F9Control Alt DShift Command F8 Debug Quickly select run/debug configuration and debug/edit it.
Shift+Alt+F10Shift+Alt+F10Shift+Alt+F10Shift+Alt+F10Shift+Alt+F10Shift+Alt+F10Shift+Alt+F10Shift+Alt+F10Meta+RControl Alt RShift Alt F10Control Alt RCommand F8 Run Quickly select run/debug configuration and run/edit it.

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