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This section lists and describes the keyboard shortcuts that include the Shift+Alt keys:

Shortcut Function Use this shortcut to...
Shift+Alt+N Navigate to Rails Move focus to a Rails component suggested in the Navigate to Rails pop-up menu. Refer to Navigating Between Rails Components.
Shift+Alt+F7Shift+Alt+F7Shift+Alt+F7Shift+Alt+F7Shift+Alt+F7Alt+F11 or Alt+F8Shift+Alt+F7Shift+Alt+F7Shift+Alt+F7Shift Alt F7Shift Alt F7Control ⌘ F5Shift ⌘ F9 Force Step Into Step into the method called in the current execution point, even if this method is to be skipped.
Shift+Alt+F8Shift+Alt+F8Shift+Alt+F8Shift+Alt+F8Shift+Alt+F8Shift+Alt+F8Shift+Alt+F8Shift+Alt+F8Shift+Alt+F8Shift Alt F8Shift Alt F8Control ⌘ F6Shift ⌘ F10 Force Step Over Run until the next line in this method or file, skipping the methods referenced at the current execution point and ignoring breakpoints.
Shift+Alt+F9Shift+Alt+F9Shift+Alt+F9Shift+Alt+F9Shift+Alt+F9Shift+Alt+F9Shift+Alt+F9Shift+Alt+F9⌘+DControl Alt DShift Alt F9Control Alt DShift ⌘ F8 Debug Quickly select run/debug configuration and debug/edit it.
Shift+Alt+F10Shift+Alt+F10Shift+Alt+F10Shift+Alt+F10Shift+Alt+F10Shift+Alt+F10Shift+Alt+F10Shift+Alt+F10⌘+RControl Alt RShift Alt F10Control Alt R⌘ F8 Run Quickly select run/debug configuration and run/edit it.

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