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To automatically complete a path
  1. Open the Select Path dialog by doing one of the following:
    • Click the Browse button browseButton.
    • Click Add SDK on the Ruby SDK and Gems page of the Project Structure dialog box.
  2. Make sure that the Path field is visible. If the field is hidden, click the Show path link.
  3. Start typing a path. RubyMine suggests a drop-down list where you can quickly find the needed directory. As you type, the suggestion list shrinks to show the matching paths only. You can also press Ctrl+SpaceCtrl+SpaceCtrl+SpaceCtrl+SpaceAlt+SlashCtrl+SpaceCtrl+Space or Ctrl+Back SlashCtrl+SpaceCtrl+SpaceControl SpaceControl SpaceControl SpaceControl Space, Alt Escape or Shift Space to show the suggestion list.
  4. Select completion from the list.


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