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This tool window appears in the following cases:

So doing, the tool window appears in the list of available tool windows in the View menu, and gets the corresponding sidebar icon documentation_tool_window_icon.

Icon Keyboard shortcut Action
arrowBack arrowForward Shift+Alt+LeftShift+Alt+LeftShift+Alt+LeftShift+Alt+LeftShift+Alt+LeftShift+Alt+LeftCtrl+Alt+Page UpCtrl+Shift+Alt+RightCtrl+Shift+LeftControl Shift LeftControl Shift LeftControl Shift LeftShift Alt Command Open Bracket or Shift+Alt+RightShift+Alt+RightShift+Alt+RightShift+Alt+RightShift+Alt+RightShift+Alt+RightCtrl+Alt+Page DownCtrl+Shift+Alt+LeftCtrl+Shift+RightControl Shift RightControl Shift RightControl Shift RightShift Alt Command Close Bracket Navigate to the previous or next screen after using hyperlinks in the definition.


On a Mac OS X computer, you can also use the three-finger right-to-left and left-to-right swipe gestures.

arrowUp.png Shift+F1Shift+F1Shift+F1Shift+F1Shift+F1Shift+F1 or Ctrl+F1Shift+F1Shift+F2Shift+F1Shift F1Shift F1Shift F2Shift F1 View external documentation in the default browser.
autoscrollFromSource When this button is pressed, Documentation Tool Window automatically opens for any element at caret.
close Click this button to close the Documentation tool window. After the next invocation of Ctrl+Q or Alt+Button2 ClickCtrl+Q or Alt+Button2 ClickCtrl+Q or Alt+Button2 ClickCtrl+Q or Alt+Button2 ClickCtrl+Q or Alt+Button2 ClickCtrl+QCtrl+Q or Alt+Button2 ClickAlt+Button2 Click, Ctrl+Shift+Space or F2Ctrl+Button2 Click or Ctrl+HF1, Control J or Control Button2 ClickControl J or Control Button2 ClickAlt Button2 Click or F2Control J or Control Button2 Click, the documentation will be shown in the Quick Documentation Popup, and the Documentation tool window will no longer be available.
iconAction Click this button to show font size slider. Move the slider to increase or decrease the font size as required.

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