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File | Settings | Project Settings | Ruby SDK and Gems - Install Gems/Update Gems

Use this dialog box to download gems from the remote repositories and install them locally, or get updates for the gems already installed on your computer.

Item Description
List of gems The Name column shows the list of gems; the Version column shows the latest available version (for remote gems), or all locally installed versions (for the local gems).
Description This field shows the brief description of the selected gem.
Refresh Click this button to download the latest versions of gems from all accessible gem repositories.
Manage gem URLs Click this button to manage the list of URLs of accessible gem repositories. In the Manage Gem URLs dialog box, use the Add button to define a new gem repository, and the Remove button to delete the existing ones from the list.
Version to install / Update to version Use this drop-down list to select the gem version to be installed locally, or to update the selected gem to. By default, RubyMine suggests the latest available version.
Automatically install/update dependent gems Select this check box to if you want RubyMine to automatically download the dependencies of the selected gem.
Generate RDoc and ri documentation If this check box is selected, the gems will be downloaded and installed together with their RDoc and ri documentation.

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