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Creating and Registering File Types
New File Type
Types of Breakpoints
Creating Files from Templates
Basic Code Completion. Completing Names and Keywords
Viewing Method Parameter Information
Commenting and Uncommenting Blocks of Code
Rails View
Navigating to Declaration or Type Declaration of a Symbol
Accessing the Database Tool Window
Building Call Hierarchy
Code Inspection
Creating Empty Files
Navigating to Partial Declarations
Differences Viewer for Folders and DB Objects
IDE Settings
Thumbnails Tool Window
Feedback Page
Populating Projects
What's New
Familiarize Yourself with RubyMine Editor
Navigating with Bookmarks
Opening and Reopening Files in the Editor
Navigating with Structure Views
Finding Usages
Configuring History Cache Handling
Configuring JavaScript Libraries
Using TODO
Zen Coding Support
Markup Languages Tips and Tricks
Loading Code from Editor into Console
Create Property Dialog
File Colors
Debug Tool Window. Watches
Test Runner Tab
Intention Actions
CoffeeScript Support
Using Productivity Guide
Local, Repository, and Incoming Changes
Documentation Tool Window
Navigating to Class, File or Symbol by Name
Extracting Hard-Coded String Literals
Checking Out Files from CVS Repository
Previewing Compiled CoffeeScript Files
Editor. Editor Tabs
Debug Tool Window. Dump
Register RubyMine
Creating Projects from Scratch in RubyMine
Smart Type Code Completion. Completing Code Based on Type Information
Viewing Inline Documentation
Adding Tags
Setting Up a Local Mercurial Repository
Installing Gems for Testing
Working with Diagrams
JavaScript. Usage Scope
Version Control
Editor. Code Completion
Edit Template Variables Dialog
Content Root
Running and Debugging
Run/Debug Configuration
Regular Expression Syntax Reference

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