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Bookmarks Dialog
Editing Model Dependency Diagrams
Creating Relationship Links Between Models
Ruby Version Managers
Working with Rails Mountable Engine Projects
Comparing Files
Using Mercurial Integration
Analyzing Duplicates
Viewing Model Dependency Diagram
Viewing Table Data from the Data Sources Tool Window
Finding Usages in Project
Deleting Files from the Repository
Viewing Changes History for a File or Selection
Configuring Format of the Local Working Copy
Viewing Members in Diagram
Editor. Editor Tabs
What's New
Viewing Changes Made by Other Team Members
Creating Models
RubyMine-Specific Navigation
Navigating to Controllers, Views and Actions Using Gutter Icons
Enabling Cucumber Support in Project
Project and IDE Settings
Event Log
Run/Debug Configuration: Rake
Add Server Dialog
Insert, Delete and Navigation Keys
Show History for Folder Dialog
Changes Tool Window
Rails View
Update Info Tab
Refactoring Source Code
Handling Differences
Creating Rails Application and Rails Mountable Engine Projects
Find and Replace in Path
Refactoring Dialogs
Comparing Folders
Pull Changes Dialog
Commit Changes Dialog
Database Console Properties Dialog
Hierarchy Tool Window
Interactive Console
Spork DRB Server
Structure Tool Window
Icons Reference

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